Rose Water and Vegetable Glycerine

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By now you probably have come to know that I am slightly obsessed with anything Rose. I love Rose because it is the ultimate symbol of beauty and love and has endless benefits for health and beauty. I think that the Rose and it’s amazing properties should be in every woman’s beauty and health regimen.
Here are a few amazing benefits of the Rose.
Moisturizing, Anti inflammatory, Antioxidant rich, Astringent and is a natural perfume!


I am currently using Multiple Rose infused products but I wanted to talk about my Pure Rose water and vegetable glycerine duo. There are many Rose Water and Glycerine products out there, so I thought I would try to make my own concoction. I purchased pure Cortas Rose water and Wow vegetable glycerine. Both great products, and the rose water smells divine!!!! Glycerine is also one of the most moisturizing ingredients you can use on your skin.
I just place a small drop of glycerine on a cotton pad with a splash of rose water and place it on my skin after cleansing. I use circular motions for gentle exfoliation, and for deeper penetration of the glycerine. My skin afterwards is pleasantly soft and comfortable, I do not find a need to use a moisturizer afterwards, but it would be fine if that is your fancy!


2 thoughts on “Rose Water and Vegetable Glycerine

  1. Hi. I love your blog. I am finding it really hard to find veg glycerine – can I just use rose water? I have found some organic rose water in a spray bottle would you recommend that? Thank you.

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