Silk Naturals Loose Mineral Eye Shadows

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I have not done many makeup reviews thus far, mainly because I have been loaded with so many amazing skincare products, and I am a skincare junkie; but I just had to write about this one!  I was introduced to Silk Naturals through my fellow Green Beauty Bloggers, and whilst calmly browsing through the site I found my self drawn to purchasing a large slew of shadows! I am really happy I did because these shadows are so unbelievably beautiful! They are so affordable and gorgeous that it makes it easy to make the switch to Natural! The Loose Mineral Shadows retail for $4.50 and come in 5 gram jar of goodness.

Another thing to mention is that the customer service was personal, speedy and wonderful; that makes such a great difference to me! They also give a little gift with every order!
I ordered mostly neutral tones since I seldom go bold with my eye makeup, and I seriously love them all! You can use them wet or dry; wet for bold color and dry for a more subtle wash. Keep in mind that the below pictures were the shadows dry, look at the amazing bold color! The pictures below give the shadows no justice! They are so gorgeous and I could not seem to capture their beauty in a picture!

All colors listed from bottom to top!

1.  Shell (Matte Nude) , Sinner (Gold Shimmer), Blessings (Dark Green Copper Shimmer), Mazel Tov (Shimmer Light Gold) , Silhouette (Matte Brown) , Miss you (Light Tan Matte) , Kickstart (Grey Shimmer Bronze)


2. Bonanza (Twinkling Gold Silver), Colt (Deep Brown Suede), Forgery (Purple Chocolate Shimmer), Earth (Taupe Shimmer), Race (Teal Blue Shimmer)


3. Lake (Grey Blue Shimmer), Cutie Pie (Light Matte Tan), Tru Luv (Rose Brown Matte), Exposed (Tan Matte), Loop (Pink Purple Gold Shimmer), Goddess (Cream Shimmer)


4. Danny ( Muted Green Velvet), Dubloons (Light Golden Copper), Dig it (Deep Copper Shimmer), First Kiss (Pink Tan Matte), Latent (Creamy Taupe Matte), Catalyst (Deep Grey Taupe) , Jump (Neutral Plum Shimmer)

silknaturals swatch

If you love the colors but are not one for loose shadow because you consider it messy? Remember to poke only 2-3 of the holes so you can control the amount that comes out more effectively! I recommend using them with an eyeshadow primer to increase pigment, lasting power and prevent creasing. I truly recommend trying these gorgeous shadows. With so many choices, from matte to shine finish and bold and neutral colors, you will for sure find some that you love! These are a staple in my daily makeup, and I am going to keep ordering more and more! I simply love them!!!


5 thoughts on “Silk Naturals Loose Mineral Eye Shadows

  1. Glad you finally got to try Silk Naturals!
    And the ones you bought look lovely and very wearable. :)

    Be careful though, Silk Naturals can be quite addicting because they have a huge collection and the prices are very affordable. I have a small drawer of SN products which I haven’t even touched yet lol.

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