Bailey Blush ‘Thank You’ Giveaway


This Giveaway is simply to say ‘Thank You’. Thank you for all your support of



What is in the Giveaway!?

  • Full size Nourish USDA Vanilla Almond Deodorant
  • Full Size Weleda Citrus Body Lotion
  • Full Size Jurlique Love Balm
  • Full Size Surya Brasil Henna Hair Powder
  • Full Size Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Balm
  • Deluxe sample Curelle Build up remover
  • Deluxe sample unscented hand and body lotion
  • Deluxe sample EO body wash coconut lemon
  • A 13 pc. SBT Seabuckthorn Deluxe sample gift pack (AWESOME!)
  • Deluxe Sample Eminence Stone Crop Mask
  • Deluxe Sample Weleda Pomegranate Serum
  • Aroma Crystal Sample Pack
  • Tallulah Jane Fragrance Sample Pack
  • ETC!!! (More Samples)

How to Enter to WIN!?

(Please follow instructions carefully– only those who enter correctly will be eligible to win!)

1.) You must be following by email (Sign up on home page) or on Instagram

2.) Leave a comment below with the email in which you are following or the Instagram user name. Leave a comment about which product you are most excited to try in the giveaway and why!

***For an extra entry into the giveaway re-post the giveaway pic on Instagram or tweetabout it! (Don’t forget to tag me!!!)


A winner will be chosen by random draw on October 28th 2013!



31 thoughts on “Bailey Blush ‘Thank You’ Giveaway

  1. @ummhnb
    I’m curious about the seabuckthorn products to see what it’do for my face(daycream) and also the hennapowder.Pregnancies were not good to my hair, henna will be good for it insha’Allah.

  2. Wonderful giveaway!!! I am a blog follower using the email and just started following you on instagram under “scidelish”. I will be promoting this awesome giveaway on there right now! I think I would be most excited to try the Love balm, as I am always looking for one of those “can’t live without items”…especially when it’s portable! Thanks for hosting!!!

  3. I follow via email! I would love to try the tallulah jane fragrances because I need to find a natural fragrance! ginger(dot)brooks(at)ymail(dot)com

  4. What a great giveaway, thank you so much for doing this! Odd as it may be, I’m most excited to try out the Nourish Deodorant! Its so hard to one that works for oneself and I’ve heard/read so many neat things about this deodorant! alitheal(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. @kendradufton on Instagram.
    Amazing giveaway! Have heard so much about Eminance and Nourish but haven’t tried either. Would be very excited for the mask and a clean deodorant that works!

  6. Hi Baileyblush,

    I love your blog, you blog about all the amazing organic things out there! Anyways I’m looking forward to ALL the items hehe but esp the Burt’s bees mango lip balm .. Mmmh yes I heard good reviews on it and I have really dry lips so if would help ALOT!!

    Instagram @arabolish


  7. Hey darling! I’m already following you… everywhere I think! ;) Here, and Instagram (@ta__ra or @myorganiclifeblog). The Aroma Crystal Sample Pack looks totally delightful, as well as the Weleda Citrus Body Lotion! This is such a sweet giveaway! What a great idea :) xo

  8. Wow! What A give away! I want to try the nourish deodorant! I haven’t found my perfect deodorant yet! And I’m a Newby to organic products. Ur blog is awesome!

    Amara xx

  9. Thanks for your fabulous giveaway! It’s really kind of you to spend some time to organize this giveaway for us. I’ve been dying to try Nourish USDA Vanilla Almond Deodorant. The scent sounds heavenly and I love all of their clean ingredients.
    I am in the process of switching to all clean, organic beauty products and this gorgeous pack would start me off with some amazing basics (SBT Seabuckthorn , Burt’s Bees Mango Lip Balm,Weleda Citrus Body Lotion ,nourish deodorant,Jurlique Love Balm Since you describe it as CANT LIVE WITHOUT) ETC.
    i am email subscriber ;

  10. My Instagram user name: thelovewithying. I re-posedt the giveaway pic on Instagram!
    I am definitely excited to try Nourish USDA Vanilla Almond Deodorant! I heard this brand from PUREMAKEUP’s blog and always want to try an organic deodorant!

  11. My username on instagram: thelovewithying. And I reposted this giveaway on instagram. I am definitely excited about the deodorant from Nourish, I heard this brand from Puremakeup’s blog and I am always wanting to try a nature deodorant!

  12. Heyya! I’m still relatively new to the organic world but I’m really keen to know what brands are out there for people like myself who want to go the natural way. The mask, in particular, stood out to me because I’ve been having a hard time finding organic masks where I’m from (humid and tiny Singapore).


  13. I want to try the Deluxe sample EO body wash coconut lemon because I really lovee body washes im totally crazy about them i even make home made body scrubs of my own i followed u on instagram @amiinaluv

  14. I want to try the Deluxe sample EO body wash coconut lemon because I really lovee body washes im totally crazy about them i even make home made body scrubs of my own i followed u on instagram @amiinaluv and i followed you by email (

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