About Bailey

My name is Bailey Rose and some of you may know me by my Turkish name Beyza. I am a certified Makeup Artist, Skincare and Fragrance Specialist with a love for anything beauty. My love for beauty started as a little girl but has been in full bloom ever since I stepped into the retail cosmetics industry at 17 years old. I have worked with some of Canada’s top beauty retailers and have had the opportunity to try endless amounts of makeup, fragrance and skincare. Through this journey I have also been educated immensely on ingredients and the effect, good and bad that they have on the body. This has led me to my most recent, most passionate venture as a believer in beauty products that are all natural and organic. I have become a natural beauty advocate and truly believe in its overwhelming benefits for overall health. I currently work as the Lead Natural Skincare/Makeup Specialist at an amazing Integrative health Pharmacy in Alberta.

before all else is my Creator.

لله أكبر


5 thoughts on “About Bailey

  1. Hi Bailey! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also interested in clean, safe cosmetics… but I often wonder how much of it is truth and how much of it is scare. This is a topic I intend to explore in my blog (whenever I can find the time). In any case, I’m always glad to find other bloggers who have the same interests!

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