Tallulah Jane Natural Fragrances


As a fragrance specialist, addict and absolute lover of anything that smells good; the knowledge that most all of my large fragrance collection contained bad for me ingredients, was complete sadness. I was recently given the opportunity to try multiple brands of Natural and Organic fragrances, Tallulah Jane being one of them, and I am very glad of that!


I can say that with Tallulah Jane Fragrances, I hardly miss my toxic collection. All of the fragrances are 100% natural; organic and wild crafted oils mixed in organic grape or jojoba alcohol. They are all hand poured and every batch is a little bit different making the fragrances amazingly unique. That is the first thing I can tell you, these fragrances are so unique. I have never smelled another fragrance like any of these 8 fragrances. You will be sure to find an individual and signature scent to be remembered in this collection!


Let us begin the individual fragrance reviews. The picture directly below gives a beautiful description of the fragrances, I will attempt to do somewhat the same in my own words. The descriptions were very handy because the notes are so wonderfully blended that it leaves you thinking “mmmmm what is that?!”



Tallulah is very beautiful. It smells very fresh but not in a sharp soapy or citrus way. The scent melts into the skin gently, with soft floral and fresh earth.
The notes indicated are Jasmine, Tuberose and Frankincense.


Gotham is an extremely sexy scent. It smells so earthy and spicy but in a very feminine way. It makes me feel like a pretty hippie or gypsy.
The notes indicated are Rose, Patchouli and Spice.


333 is so soothing and soft. It smells sweet, citrus fresh, and just so calming. This is number 3 in my top 3 favorites. It would be a wonderful day/office fragrance because it is light and after day/office fragrance because it is calming.
The notes indicated are 3 types of Chamomile, 3 types of Lavender, 3 types of citrus.


Misae is literally a burst of fresh, sweet citrus. It is a total wake me up fragrance without being overwhelming, although the citrus notes are evident. It also has an underlying light floral with green notes. This is for anyone who loves fresh, clean, citrus scents.
The notes indicated are White/ Green floral, Blonde Woods and Grasses.


Love, Love, Love Leotie! Leotie is an absolutely gorgeous fragrance, and embodies everything feminine. It is so romantic, a bouquet of flowers, that is clean, soft and powdery with a hint of sweet. I love this fragrance so much and is number 2 in my top 3. Perfect for every woman but especially a girly girl who loves everything nice!
The notes indicated are Wild Flowers, Sweet woods and Tonka.


Halona is a wonderfully clean and fresh citrus rush. Every time I wear it I feel really happy and alive. It’s without a doubt the tangiest citrus in the line. It does subdue a tad leaving an almost soft spice. This for me is a hot day fragrance, or for anyone who wishes to put a bit of sunshine into their day!
The notes indicated are Lime, Ginger, Eastern Tea and Spices.


Oh Aiyana, you delight me. Aiyana is the most alluring fragrance. Overwhelmingly sexy, but still very beautiful. I smell spicy, soft sweet and a hint of floral, all blended together magically to create an exceptionally beautiful fragrance. Aiyana is my number 1 favorite out of my top 3. It smelled great on me and was a blend of spicy, sweet and floral, all which I adore.
The notes indicated are Rose, Citrus and Vanilla.


Rayen is earthy fresh. It is a perfect unisex fragrance or for the woman who hates to smell overly feminine. It has a soft citrus and floral, but in the end smells almost powdery. I actually really love this one, as it is so different. Rayen reminds me of the outdoors, taking a hike or sitting by the river.
The notes indicated are Mandarin and other Citrus, Floral, White Champa Leaf and Amber.

There is a final fragrance, Yiska, which is specifically designed for men, but I did not personally try it, you can read the brief description of it in the picture above.

Finally, as stated before I am so glad to have had the opportunity to try Tallulah Jane Fragrances as they are unlike any fragrances I have ever smelled. They are uniquely beautiful and artfully blended, and last superbly on the skin. Thank you Eleanor for sending me the samples! I am very happy to be selling them as well



Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume


I have not always been a rose scent lover. I have smelled several fragrances containing rose and have never liked them. Those however were synthetic fragrances, unlike the Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume which is formulated with all natural grain alcohol and 100% pure essential oils. You can really smell the difference, the rose is soooooo unbelievably beautiful. It is so soft and feminine, it literally wraps you in a fresh bouquet of roses. It is such a romantic fragrance and takes me to a place of ultimate comfort.

rose perfumeparfum ingredients
It lasted very well but was not by any means overwhelming. I could smell it on me hours later and was delighted by how it smelled just as fresh as the first spritz. This Perfume was absolutely beautiful, and also comes in a rich body butter, body wash and vegetable glycerine soap, which smell equally as beautiful, and feel great! All at extremely affordable prices.