Hagina Japanese Mint Oil

Hagina Mint Oil

Hagina Japanese Mint Oil is a 100% Natural product that has so many amazing benefits! I recently had a Zumba-athon in which I flailed around aimlessly trying to keep up, and in the process, I pretty well pulled every muscle in my body. I then needed something desperately to soothe my aching muscles. A friend of mine had mentioned that she uses Japanese Mint oil to alleviate chronic pain she has in her shoulder, so I thought I would pick some up, and I am glad I did.
I took a little bit of the oil and rubbed it into my problem areas and within minutes felt so much relief. It was so cooling but I slowly started to feel a warm tingly feeling that was so comforting. It really numbed my pain and allowed me to rest comfortably. The smell was so refreshing and really cleared up my sinuses, even though I was not plugged up!

Mint Oil
That leads me into the many other benefits that this oil has!

  • helps to promote circulation, add a drop to scalp while shampooing to promote healthy hair growth (do not get into eyes)
  • relieve tight muscles and cramping (great on the lower back during that time of the month)
  • help to soothe strains and sprains, swelling and even discoloration!
  • rub on chest and neck for cold relief
  • helps to bring down fever by dabbing on wrists and bottoms of feet
  • great for headache and nausea relief by massaging onto the temples
  • sinus congestion relief, a few drops in a bowl of hot water (eyes tightly shut) and inhale!!!

Please note!

  1. This is not the best for full body massage because its not too slippery and it’s very stimulating, and all over the body it may feel uncomfortable.
  2. Please wash your hands thoroughly after using and DO NOT TOUCH ANYWHERE NEAR EYES! It will really hurt.