Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume


I have not always been a rose scent lover. I have smelled several fragrances containing rose and have never liked them. Those however were synthetic fragrances, unlike the Pacifica Persian Rose Perfume which is formulated with all natural grain alcohol and 100% pure essential oils. You can really smell the difference, the rose is soooooo unbelievably beautiful. It is so soft and feminine, it literally wraps you in a fresh bouquet of roses. It is such a romantic fragrance and takes me to a place of ultimate comfort.

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It lasted very well but was not by any means overwhelming. I could smell it on me hours later and was delighted by how it smelled just as fresh as the first spritz. This Perfume was absolutely beautiful, and also comes in a rich body butter, body wash and vegetable glycerine soap, which smell equally as beautiful, and feel great! All at extremely affordable prices.