Tea Forte – Skin Smart Antioxidant Tea

Tea Forte pack

For the past month I have been mildly obsessed with the Tea Forte Skin Smart Tea’s. Tea Forte is an amazing organic tea company with a wonderful flavor selection . I was of course drawn to Skin Smart because of the antioxidant skin benefits and secondly because of the delicious sounding flavors! I purchased the lovely kit pictured above, as well as the Swiss Apple pictured below!

swiss apple
What is pleasantly surprising about this product is all of the uniquely delicious flavors, and the noticeable skin benefits! My skin looked more hydrated and radiant! And now I need to go to Tea Rehab, I am addicted…



Cherry Marzipan

A green tea blended with Acerola Cherry and Toasted Almond. Cherry is rich in minerals, vitamin C and other antioxidants! This blend is soooooo good. It is a gourmand tea, that is not overly nutty or sweet, but just the right blend of both. The corrective repair formulation helps repair free radical damage from the inside out!


organic green tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic green tea, organic rooibos, natural cherry flavor, organic raspberry leaves, natural almond flavor, natural flavoring (berry), organic acerola cherry extract, (organic acerola, organic maltodextrin), other natural flavoring (superfruit berry

Cucumber Mint

A green tea blended with Cucumber fruit, Spearmint and Blueberry. Cucumber fruit, Mint and Blueberries are all rich in antioxidants. If I had to pick a favorite, because I love them all, this would be it! It is incredibly refreshing and cooling with a hint of sweetness because of the blueberries, and I LOVE blueberries. The youth recovery formula is perfect for anyone trying to reclaim a youthful glow!


organic green tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic green tea, organic spearmint leaves, organic marigold flowers, natural blueberry flavor, organic basil leaves, natural cucumber flavor, organic blueberries

Honey Yuzu

A green tea blended with Citrus and Blossom bee pollen. Orange and grapefruit are high in vitamin c and other antioxidant properties. This tea is very soothing and calming, I loved the sweet, floral flavors. The natural renewal formula is perfect for those needing a  little anti-wrinkle and firming action!


organic green tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic green tea, organic orange peel, natural grapefruit flavor, natural honey flavor, organic flower pollen mixture, (organic safflower, organic marigold,organic rose), natural yuzu flavor, natural flavoring (citrus),

Lychee Coconut

A white tea blended with Lychee, Coconut, Sea Buckthorn. Coconut is a rich source of polyphenols and Sea Buckthorn berry is antioxidant rich. This cup of tea will transport you to a tropical paradise, it is absolutely beautiful! The radiant skin formulation will actually make you glow, so if you are a little lack luster, start sippin!


organic white tea, Fair Trade Certified™ organic white tea, organic coconut pieces, natural lychee flavor, natural coconut flavor, safflower petals, natural flavoring (coconut), organic sea buckthorn, other natural flavoring (vanilla).

Swiss Apple

A red tea blended with Rooibos, Apple, Rose Hip and delicious Chocolate and Cinnamon. Rooibos and Dark Chocolate are rich in polyphenols and Rose Hips rich in vitamin C. This is easily and closely second as my favorite. It is intensely comforting and delicious and the flavors blend amazingly together to create an almost festive party in my mouth! This skin support formulation is wonderful for any skin needing a little extra to make it as perfectly beautiful as it can be, which is all of us!


Fair Trade Certified™ organic rooibos, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic apple pieces, organic rosehips, organic anise seed, organic cardamom, natural apple flavor, organic cloves, organic vanilla powder, natural chocolate flavor, natural flavoring (apple, cinnamon), other natural flavoring (chocolate),

I highly recommend trying these wonderful tea’s to enhance your skincare regimen to achieve beautiful, healthy looking skin, naturally!